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When it does make sense to fix your computer instead of purchasing a new one?

With new availability of mobile technology and the lower cost of a new computer, does it make sense to repair your current desktop or laptop?

Usually when you purchase a new computer other services are needed to prepare it for use.

These services usually include:

  • Transferring your documents, pictures, music and setting from the current computer to the new one.
  • Setup of any previous devices like a printer, scanner, external drive, etc.
  • Installation of your previous applications like Anti-virus protection, Office suite, etc.

Note that some older programs will not work with your new computer.

Unless you can do these services yourself then there will be an additional cost to have a computer technician make these changes.

If the total cost of these services is greater than the cost of fixing your current computer, then it may make sense to fix your current computer if it’s in fairly good condition.